Dangerous cold

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* Frostbite and hypothermia can happen quickly. If you must be
outside… dress in loose fitting layers… wear a hat and
gloves… and make sure all exposed skin is covered. If working
outdoors… take frequent breaks in a heated area.

* Appropriate actions should be taken to ensure pets and livestock
have adequate protection from the cold temperatures. Limit
exposure to cold and wind. Animals can get hypothermia and
frostbite just like humans.

* To prevent freezing pipes… run a trickle of water from at least
one faucet. Leave Cabinet doors open to ensure warm air flows
around pipes. Keep thermostats above 55 degrees in unoccupied
commercial buildings to avoid bursting pipes or sprinkler

* Practice fire safety if using supplemental heat sources such as
fireplaces or wood stoves. Do not leave heat sources
unattended… remove any nearby flammable materials… and make
sure a fire extinguisher is nearby.

* To avoid Carbon monoxide poisoning… never use a
generator… grill… gas or charcoal burning device in a
home… garage… or other partially enclosed area. Make sure
heating unit is in a well ventilated area. Ensure Carbon
monoxide detectors are functioning properly.

* Check on elderly and others such as Young children and those
with illnesses to make sure they have adequate heating and

Monitor forecasts at weather.Gov/statecollege for the latest
information. You can also find more information on the NWS State
College facebook Page or on twitter @nwsstatecollege.

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